Grammar is your key to speaking English fluently and confidently it will help you to remove errors that will make your English sound simple, yet sophisticated to native speakers. Correct grammar won’t just demonstrate your English skills it will also show that you are diligent and have an eye for detail. This is equally important if you are aiming to study abroad. College and Universities are likely to assess your academic English based largely on your knowledge of English Grammar.

Here at Maestro our team of certified trainers will give you an Overview of Grammar Teaching Tools. The entire syllabus will be explained and taught in detail why you might want to improve your understanding of the rules of Grammar.

Without good grammar, clear communication is nearly impossible. Proper Grammar keeps you from being misunderstood while expressing your thoughts and ideas.

Writing and speaking correctly will give you the appearance of credibility.

The Team at Maestro will enlighten you in all forms of communication.





English Grammar basics

Business English

Interview English

Idioms and Phrases

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