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In the contemporary world each one of us must have heard about the possibility of settling abroad. With a Permanent resident status. Often it is known as PR status, a kind of immigration status in foreign country that is highly sought after. Majorly this is due to the fact that having permanent resident status in foreign country ensures legal rights.

Acquisition of permanent residency, grants the legal right to live and work anywhere in foreign country for as long as one chooses to, without restriction.

The options include changing employers, relocating to different provinces, and sponsoring spouse, partner, and dependent children to accompany – although there might not even be the need to sponsor them because many permanent resident immigration programmes allow family to accompany during initial application!

The status of a permanent resident is likewise not subject to expiration. One has the right to remain a permanent resident for as long as one wants. In order to retain the status, one must reside in foreign country for at least two years out of every five that one is in the country.

If one remains in the foreign country for three out of five years, one can apply for the citizenship, which would provide the legal right to vote and run for political office if one chooses.

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